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#4 for Radiohead

Title: Backdrifts(4/14 for Radiohead.)
Disclaimer: Mine, mine, mine.
Rating: PG
Note: Ew, I am so bored. I feel sort of like I don't have a strong emotion for this piece. It's just sort of.....here. It's sort of long, and it freaks me out.
Warnings: Violence, pedophilia, child abuse, incest, and just general wierdness.

{we're damaged goods}

Lucas remembers asking his mother how he would know it was time. Watching his sisters slide from flesh to fur, she had smiled and said: you will know because the ache will be in your bones. you will know, because there is no possible way you wouldn't feel it. the stretch and twist of your skin and the heat rising into your blood. Such a complex answer for such a simple question, but there was still a sick feeling in his stomach that told him he would never know. That he would be beside the cook's son in the basement rolling toy cars across the floor, and the next thing he knew he would be surfacing to a room darkened with the smell of death. mother, these wheels won't roll, they're covered in blood.

There will be a new cook and she will not cater for Tomasso's funeral. Lucas will stand with his hands in his pockets- can't get the blood out from under his nails, and it stains the palm of his hands- and tell everyone about the terrible monsters in the woods. they will get your children, too. they will get us all.


His sisters spend a week scratching at the windows while armed men search the woods, tearing the bark off trees and leaving traps hidden beneath the leaves. There has been a report of wolves in the woods, and some concessions need to made in order to stay in this place. Nicola rages like wildfire around the bedroom, wearing silk scarves like a dress and ripping them to shreds when the full moon comes. She is made of something Lucas cannot touch, and whenever he lays a finger on her it comes away bruised.


{you fell into our arms}

When it finally does come, he is holding a farmer's daughter up against the wall of her father's barn. She has her hair flowing over her shoulders, hands tangled around his neck. At first he doesn't notice the shift to his bones, but the spiraling heat is unmistakable. He tries to pull away but she doesn't understand, moaning as he lets her fall.

"Lucas!" She pouts, sliding a strap of her dress down her shoulder. He is hunched over, ripping grass from the earth in his scrabble to run. "Lucas?" He turns to her as his jaw collapses and rebuilds itself, his smile turning into a gaping white hole in the center of his face. She screams and it hurts his newly sensitive ears, sending him hurting towards her before his paws fully form. He stumbles but gains his balance again, the column of his spine ripping through his skin to flick outwards in a curve, wagging wildly as fur sprouts from the smooth bone. She continues to scream as he arches his back and his last strange, new features settled into place. It felt like he had never been any other way.


{this far but no further}

Nicola watches as Lucas comes wandering up the hillside, long strands of hair wrapped tightly around his fingers.

"Lucas, I see the time has finally come." He watches her from a few feet away, smears of blood around his mouth. She wants to taste it and understand where he's been, what secrets he's found in the dark delicious hollows of some girl's flesh. That is something that people do not understand about werewolves- they take more than just your flesh. They take your world from you, and they keep it locked in thier heads. Blood is a river and flows anywhere it is welcome.

"She tasted like honey and her father used to come up behind her as she did her chores, slipping his hands under her dress until she twisted away. Her mother saw but never mentioned it and her brothers liked to steal her clothes and tie them in the trees so she would have to climb naked to get them and then fall into thier waiting arms and ready hands. I was the first man she'd ever known who wasn't related to her by blood." He comes closer and she realizes he's still got madness in his eyes. It sets her shivering, whispers thrilling up her spine. you are closer to him than any two people have ever been. twins and lovers, two sides of the world's most fucked-up coin.

"And what else did you learn?"

"She used to lay in her bed at night and close her eyes to the thought Viv coming in through the doorway wearing your silk scarves and nothing else. Viv and sometimes Ana." She can smell her on his breath now, a pain-tainted rotting smell like burning flesh. They are almost touching, and she wonders if he will still bruise.

"Viv and Ana? As in our sisters Viviana and Gianna?" Somehow that excites her, the thought of her dark and violent sisters entangled with some frightened little girl.

"When she was a very young girl, her mother punished her by tying her out in the yard with the dogs for a day and making her eat from the ground."

"That's wicked." She wants to smile at that, but he looks like he won't understand it. He seems transfixed by the wolf behind her eyes. He stops for a moment, pupils dilated and breathing heavy. She suspects he killed the girl before they actually got to having sex, and now the wolf in him was dying to claim and conquer and fuck, and dead girls just don't respond like live ones. Suddenly he's leapt at her, knocking her to the grass with a grip like the steel traps still rusting in the woods. She closes her eyes when he tears her dress in two.


{honey-sweet so full of sleep}

When they wake, it is Nicola with bruises on her fingertips. He takes the tip of each one in his mouth and tries to taste her blood from beneath her skin, see what life is like when the moon sets you bleeding and howling. She is not surprised when she pulls her hand away to find him looking at her with blood rolling down her arm. She rises, leaving her dress in the grass, and walks naked back to the house.

Lucas remains sitting with her dress in his hands for a full hour before finally dusting himself and creeping towards where she disappeared.


fire death sex full moon rising in my bones i want him i want him i want him we are one and no you cannot touch me.
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