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cd_fic entry 6

Title: Where I End And You Begin(6/14 for Radiohead.)
Disclaimer: Mine, mine, mine.
Rating: G
Note: Still bored, and not inspired. So here's a drabble- exactly 100 words. And it really is sort of blah.

He keeps his eyes closed when he wakes up in the morning, leaves one arm draped over the place where their hips meld together. One morning she might not be there and he wants to think that she’ll be trapped in the circle of his arms until she fades to dust. Until they both do. She tells him over and over she hates it when he does that, that she likes knowing where he ends and she begins.

there’ll be no more lies, if we sleep that way. we are one. He tells her, and smiles.

She vanishes that night.
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