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cd fic entry 7

Title: We Suck Young Blood(7/14 for Radiohead.)
Disclaimer: Mine.
Rating: PG
Note: This song is really distracting and therefore hard to write to. Let's see how it works out. I wish it made sense.

Lucy sits with her hands in her lap, hundreds of tiny glass bracelets jingling on her wrists as she twists her fingers about one another. He doesn't like it when she wears them- sees endless loops in his head of them shattering across her skin and spilling the light from her veins. It's his theory that she's got no blood- someone so thin and so pure can't be shadows blue and red on the inside- but that she's literally got lightning pounding through her.

He tells her, you are made of stars. She can't believe him, closes her eyes to the light shining from between her lips and leaking out from beneath her lashes.

i am not. i am dark corners and soft edges; there is no light here. He wants to shake the sense of it into her, wrap his thumb and index finger around the fragile column of her wrist and show her how the light casts flickering shadows on his hands. But she'll just run from him, bracelets slipping into her skin.

The light breaks her bones, if she's not careful.Presses down on her like she's drowning under it, curving her spine from the effort.

you are dying he tells her, trying to catch her eyes. She won't look at him.

i know.
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