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cd fic 9

Title: There There (9/14 for Radiohead.)
Disclaimer: Mine.
Rating: PG-13
Note: Hah- this is me exploring the relationship between the selkie Celia and the vampire Alexandre from my novel/thing. It's not actually part of the plot- it's just something I realized kept coming up. I ended up with so many scenes where they are left in a room together, or with Alexandre the only one around to take Celia on a ride down to the sea.

{always a siren singing you to shipwreck}

"I'm running out of time."

He doesn't understand how she could ever run out of time. She moves like honey through the water- pale limbs like foam rising to the crest of each wave. If he had any sense of decency he'd be turning away from her, eyes fixed on the rising moon and listening not to the splash of her feet but Nicola's anguished howling in the woods back beyond the house. Good thing he left all of those inhibiting sensibilities with his mortal life- that is to say, far behind him. And so it is that he's sitting in exactly the right position on the sand to see her come walking out of the sea, waves parting for each soft footfall. She is hazy in the dim light of the full moon rising, skin cast in silver and scars shining white. Alexandre's never met a Selkie before Celia, but he does not doubt that they all look like this. As if they are a part of the ocean itself, hips rolling like waves and the curves of her breasts pale as- God, Alexandre. Pull yourself together.

"What do you mean, running out of time? We've got all the time in the world."

"I mean, I am running out of time to return to the sea. Elijah's got my sealskin locked in that chest beneath his bed and I have begun to forget how to live as an animal." She settles down beside him, tracing patterns in the damp islands of her footprints.

"Even if you did forget completely, you've still got an eternity to relearn it. You'll always be near the ocean." She does not look at him for a long time, fingers gouging squares and lines in the sand.

"I am not sure I would want to live." Alexandre watches as Celia makes one last line, eyes narrowing as she brushes sand off her legs and stands, reaching for the robe he's got slung over his shoulder. The pattern she's created is a map of the third floor of the manor, including a basic layout of Elijah's room. His bed is marked with a star. When he turns around, she is gone.

{we are accidents waiting to happen}

There are many harmless ways to count the weeks, but Celia has begun to keep track of the days until her freedom by forgetting things. For every day there is a piece of her lost; a secret thrill reduced to nothing. She does not tell Alexandre that the first thing to go was the feel of fur sliding up against her skin. Part of her gets the feeling that he wouldn't help her if he knew the damage was intentional. She doesn't think he will fail her.

Alexandre waits until Elijah and Sarah are arguing in the front hall before slipping his pilfered key into the lock of Elijah's bedroom door. The skin is exactly where Celia showed him it would be, and he is gone before the echoes of Sarah's voice have died down. He wonders why Celia didn't do this herself.

"The box is cursed," She tells him, lovingly running her hands over the skin. "I couldn't open it without being injured or otherwise marked for my disobedience.

"And what do I get in return for my services?" Alexandre is but a shadow in her doorway.

"I have nothing to give you." They do not break the stare they have been levelling at one another until Alex's eyes swoop down to where her collarbones are exposed by the open neck of her shirt. "I have nothing to give you."

{just because you feel it doesn't mean it's there}

Celia makes it to the water's edge before Elijah catches her. She doesn't put up a fight, recognizing her cause lost the moment he yanks the skin from her hands. The entire way back she is carried over his shoulder, eyes closed and limbs hanging limp. Elijah does not know that it was Alex who helped her, and she won't share that information. And Alexandre himself certainly won't.

She sees him on the stairs right before Elijah throws her to the floor of her bedroom and locks her in. The murmured voices in the hallway give her the distinct feeling that Elijah hasn't even begun to think of Alex as a possible suspect in her escape attempt. But Elijah was never that concerned about betrayal.

Settling down in her bed to wait, Celia begins to forget things all over again. She hopes Alexandre rescues before she forgets about him.
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